Does thai massage end in sex?

Thai Massage is actually just a normal massage. The hotel in Thailand, where I stayed offered “ Authentic Thai Massage” which involved nothing sexual. In fact, there was board which asked customers to refrain asking from sexual favors.

A place for sure there is sex!

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In numerous massage parlous I had visited over the course of 6 months of my stay there, I came across the following types of Thai massages:

The massage will be normal. You will be naked. But no sexual favors.
The typical “happy ending massage”: The massage will start normal and end normal. At the end, the masseuse will ask if I want a Blowjob/ Hand job and state her price. Nobody is involved, just you and her. You pay her and leave. This is the cheapest. Bangkok is full of these.
In some parlors, all the sexual services (including sex) you want will be provided in the form of a menu card. You choose , pay and enjoy. No asking anything.
In the last type, the masseuse will not be willing to have sex. You have to tempt her with money. This is expensive for locals but cheap if you earning in dollars or euros. Usually the clean and good looking ones girls are in this category.
Please don’t judge me.

Hope this helps.